The challenges of ADHD

I was happy to see this article that gives some very real and helpful tips for helping kids/teens to deal with ADHD. From eating right to getting plenty of sleep there are many factors that can make life either easier or more challening for the child/teen with ADHD.

Our work with kids and teens dealing with ADHD can be very rewarding. You need to be focused to lead a horse. You need to stay on task to get your horse groomed and tacked up so that you can ride and once up on the horse you had better be paying attention on where you want to be going or you will find your horse wandering to the fence to eat some weeds!

Kids and teens with ADHD also can find it difficult to follow more than simple one or two step directions. This can be improved upon by encouarging and challenging the client to think about ‘what comes next?” And riding an obstacle course can help to improve this skill, especially when the directions are given verbally and are demonstrated by someone physically walking the course and then offering reminders as the client rides.

If you know a child or teen dealing with the challenges of ADHD, we would love to have you come out and visit our site. We will introduce our wonderful horses, hear more about the issues you are dealing with and share ways in which we may be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.


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