Stressed out Kids

Vincent portrait 1Some people might find it surprising that even young children can feel ‘stressed out,’ but in this helpful article Audrey Tan-Zubiri of the Philippine Daily Inquirer shares some very interesting insights about what is happening to many children today. It can be challenging to balance getting everything done and allowing for down time.  But the article talks about why it is so important for kids to have time to just be kids.

Though we are one more thing to put on the calendar, Vincent and baxterthe work we do with our clients and the horses can often strengthen the client’s ability to deal with stress. We teach and have our clients practice a variety of self-soothing skills such as deep breathing and visualization, skills they can (AND DO!) call upon when they are in a day-to-day situation that has become stressful. We help develop problem solving skills and build self confidence, also Vincent mounted 5athings that make dealing with stress, well, less stressful!

If your child or teen is feeling overwhelmed take a good look at how much they are doing every day. It may be that it is time to simplify or it may be time to look for ways to help them learn how to deal with life’s inevitable stress. That’s were we come in. Give us a call or send us an email. We will schedule a visit for you to tour the site, meet the horses and learn more about how our program works.

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