Childhood Mental Health Hospitalizations

140317-mental-stockSadly, nearly one in 10 hospitalized children have a primary diagnosis of a mental health condition. Until recently there was not much information about what mental health conditions where fueling this statistic. However, new research shows that depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis are the most common causes for costly hospitalizations.

I think this ties in with the post I did yesterday about sleep issues driving depression and other mental health issues. Get your child/teen checked out for sleep disorders if they are suffering with mental health issues. And seek help before the situation becomes so serious that your child/teen requires hospitalization!

Grace lding KodyAt Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy, we work as part of a comprehensive mental health treatment team. Your licensed professional provides us with a diagnosis and treatment plan. We implement the treatment plan through work with horses. This non-judgmental, yet at times challenging environment encourages kids and teens to participate in their own healing. P1130545We may work on coping skills and relaxation techniques. Maybe it’s problem solving and increasing self-esteem. It’s amazing what can be accomplished through work with horses!

If you have a child or teen dealing with mental health issues, please seek help. We would be happy to show you around, introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.

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