Things to know about eating disorders

impulsive-eaterToday, I think most people would say that they know ‘something’ about eating disorders, but my guess is that they don’t know much, and what they do ‘know’ is only partially accurate.

This is a pretty good article in the Savannah Morning News. It points out that ANYBODY can develop an eating disorder and that the term ‘eating disorder’ applies to a eating disorder - smallwide range of conditions. It shares some danger signs and encourages people to seek help.

We are proud of our partnership with Center for Hope of the Sierras. Once a week we meet with a group from the center. Participants learn about horses and herd behavior, they lead, Group 9groom and play games with the horses and they ride. Through this process they work on establishing strong personal boundaries, developing greater self confidence, improving communication and building self-esteem. Oh, and they have the incredible experience of spending time with horses!

If you or someone you know is battling with an eating disorder seek help. As the article states “Eating disorders rarely cure themselves and can become life threatening without some professional intervention.”


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