Depression can turn deadly

young-girl-teenager-trouble-sleepingThe incidence of teen suicide is alarmingly high, and as we have recently seen, sometimes depression leads to explosive, violent and deadly rage.

Even if a teen is nowhere near harming them self or others, they do not need to suffer with depression, as there are many, many effective interventions. Cheap-Help-For-Troubled-TeensBut first we have to recognize the problem. This post to Yahoo News gives 8 tips for parents with teens dealing with depression.

At N.E.A.T. we often work with clients living with depression. Through work with horses we help our clients develop strategies for recognizing their feelings, expressing them in a healthy and appropriate manner and for moving through them to a better place. This may mean Baxter the gentle giant crop - for the webpracticing mindfulness and visualization or simply helping client’s find things that they can do that make them feel happier.

If you or someone you know is showing signs of depression consider seeking help. Work with horses can be a powerful part of a comprehensive treatmentP1130539plan for someone dealing with depression. We would be happy to meet with you, show you our facility, introduce you to the horses, learn more about your challenges and share how we might be able to help. Call or email us to schedule a visit.

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