For those with an Eating Disorder the battle may never really end

angry manI think most people now know that when someone is an alcoholic or they have been addicted to drugs, they never stop being an alcoholic or drug addict. They may be ‘clean and sober’ but most will share that every day is another day to get through. However, it may not be as clear that someone who has done battle with an eating disorder may face the same Adult-ADHD_0day-to-day struggle to stay healthy.

I found this piece by Harriet Williamson to be bluntly honest and candid. She shares how her battle continues. I applaud her for being so aware of the what she needs to do to survive.

We are proud of the work we do with the Center For Hope of the Sierras. Through weekly Group 9sessions working with the horses, participants address establishing stronger personal boundaries, developing greater self confidence, improving self-esteem,  improving  communication and practicing being ‘present in the moment’. They may be with us a short time, only a session or two, or if their stay at the center is longer, we may see them for several months. The growth and change we witness is inspiring. But, in truth, we have also seen participants who graduate and come P1050390back through the program as their struggle continues.

Equine Assisted Therapy can be a powerful intervention for those dealing with the struggles of an eating disorder. If you or someone you know is fighting for survival, seek help! We are here to help. Call or email to schedule a visit. We will introduce you to our wonderful horses and show you around the ranch. We will listen to what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help.


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