Don’t be fooled (even by yourself!)

2009_04_Autism_350X525Many people go along day to day hiding behind a mask that says ‘everything is ok’ when the truth is that they are struggling.

This Huntington Post article talks about why this is such a problem.

Look, we all have bad days. But if on a daily basis, troubled teenyou feel that you are struggling to just make it through to the next day, SEEK HELP! Life is tough. We can’t help if you hide the fact that you are struggling. If you were swimming and felt the pull of an undertow, would you really hesitate to call for help? We don’t want you to drown! Loved ones, watch for the little telltale signs that maybe everything is not great AND don’t be afraid to ask ‘how are you really doing?’

Man with horse 4Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy provides social, emotional and behavioral growth and learning, as well as Psycho-Social Rehabilitation for mental health issues. In a non-judgemental, relaxed environment, our clients are invited to work through the challenges they are having. We work one on one with our clients and the horse that they choose to find a path toBaxter the gentle giant crop - for the web health and healing.

We invite you to come out and tour the ranch, meet the horses and learn more about how we may be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.

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