Another benefit of Equine Therapy!

childconsultancyAs we have stated before, we believe that most issues are best treated with a variety of resources, from visits to a therapist and medications, to supportive services such as work with horses. And there is evidence to support this!Leading 3a

The Atlantic Magazine has published an article about a study linking physical activity and how it helps those living with ADHD.

Our clients halter, lead, groom, tack-up and ride their horses. They lift, reach, bend and balance. Since our clients ride in bareback pads (rather than OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsaddles) they have to use their bodies constantly while riding. For many of them this is the most exercise they have all week long and it doesn’t even feel like ‘exercise’! Additionally, we often encourage our clients to work on a Cody 19 - Copyvariety of physical exercises, from stretching to things designed to improve balance, during the week and always support any athletics as good ‘cross training’.

If you have a child or teen dealing with ADHD we invite you to call or email to schedule a visit to the ranch. We will show you around, introduce the horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help.


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