A personal look at eating disorders

childconsultancyFor many people admitting that they are struggling and there is an issue is an incredibly hard first step towards healing.

I admit that I was surprised by this Yahoo! Beauty post, but found it to be a moving account of a young woman finding the courage to admit she had a problem.

In our work with the clients from the Center for Hope of the Sierras we often see the resistance and unwillingness that marks someone who has not Defiantcome to terms with the problem.

We have seen it all. Arms crossed over their chest, an unwillingness to participate and an attitude that says ‘this is all a big mistake’. However, through work with the horses, we have Group 9also seen this attitude soften into at least a willingness to be open to new experiences. We are proud of the work we do with Center for Hope and the growth and learning we so often see in the participants who we woman with horse 3work with.

Unaddressed eating disorders can be life threatening. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder seek help.

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