How do I know it is Autism?

Being a new parent is always a challenging time. There are so many things to think about. There is anticipation of all the special moments to come, but there is also anxiety about things that may go wrong. You watch your child closely from the first moment you hold them in your arms and wonder what the future will be like.

Especially for first time parents, but even when you already have children, you watch for those developmental signs that things are going well and worry when something seems ‘off’.

This Medical Daily piece, they provide a list of some of the early signs that a child may be on the autism spectrum and discuss new finding on the autism risks for siblings of children with autism.

One of the most important things a parent of a child on the spectrum can do, is seek intensive early intervention and there are many wonderful programs all over the world, such as the program at The University of Nevada Reno program (

Ongoing interventions as your child grows and matures will help and that’s where N.E.A.T. comes in. Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy we provide social, emotional and behavioral interventions, through work with horses, for children as young as four. Work with horses can help kids on the spectrum develop social awareness, improve the ability to listen and follow directions, learn and practice appropriate self-soothing skills and so much more.

The bottom line is, if you suspect your child may be on the autism spectrum, early intervention is imperative, so seek help. There are many great resources our there and we are here to help as well. Call us and we can schedule a visit. You and your child will meet the horses, take a tour and we can all assess if our program would be a good fit for your child.

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