Work With Horses Offers So Much!

At N.E.A.T. we are addressing social, emotion, behavioral and mental health issues.  However, all across the country there are other programs focused on the other wonderful benefits of working with horses.

There is lots of evidence supporting a variety of objectives. This research, shared by ScienceDaily, talks to the cognitive benefits of working with horses. Even though ‘cognitive’ improvements are not the focus of our work, since the benefit is tied to the motion created by riding a moving horse, our clients benefit from this too!

Not all programs do mounted work, but with N.E.A.T. our clients get up on a horse and ride. They engage in a variety of activities, from simple obstacle courses to mounted ‘basketball’. All of these activities offer all kinds of opportunities to address each client’s specific issues. From increasing focus, to building self-confidence and minimizing depression, the staff member customizes what each client does to make it a very specific one-on-one activity for the client.

If you would like more information about our program, or would like to schedule a visit, give us a call or send us an email. Once we learn more about what you are dealing with, we can share more information about how N.E.A.T. may be able to help.

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