ADHD Challenges – HOMEWORK

Doing homework is rarely something that a child/teen looks forward to. For families struggling with ADHD issues, it can become a nightmare for child/teen and parents alike. We want our kids/teens to be successful, but the emotionally draining daily grind to get the homework done, maybe just overwhelming.

Though it is not something that you can fix with the wave of a wand (no magic!) this 6 step homework system by ATTITUDE Inside the ADHD Mind, offers some very good tips, that when applied consistently, will help a lot! There is not only a video, but links to other tips that may be helpful as well.

At Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy we work with kids, as young as 4, teens and even adults who struggle with ADHD. Through work with horses they improve the ability to stay focused and on task, decrease impulsivity, learn about setting and maintaining safe and appropriate personal boundaries and build self-confidence, among other things.

Work with horses can be a very powerful intervention for many issues. We are here for you and will be happy to schedule a visit to our ranch. We will show you around, introduce or horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help. Call or email today.

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