Senior’s Program

The number of ‘elderly’ in our population is growing rapidly. With increasing health care technology, the average life expectancy has steadily climbed to nearly 79 years of age. This brings many important issues into play. How do we support this growing population of people, most of whom have retired and are living on a small, fixed income? The truth is that if this population is healthy, they are still capable of being an active part of our communities. However, it is all to easy for our seniors to feel lost and abandoned. They can be lonely and unmotivated to get up, get out and do things. This is not ideal for them or the rest of us of either!

This Daily Star article talks about depression in the elderly and what can be done to help them have a happier, healthier life. They recommend “Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, interacting regularly with other people, developing hobbies and participating in activities that challenge your thinking are all helpful.” Hmmm, let’s see, working with horses provides regular exercise, interacting with others and participation in activities that challenge your thinking!

We are able to offer a program for seniors, which may include mounted work, but can accommodate even those no longer physically able to ride. Through work with miniature horses, our clients are able to enjoy the experience of grooming, which is not only soothing, but can be a great time of bonding between the client and the horse they are working with. The miniature horses we work with are trained to pull a ‘driving cart’. Senior’s who are not physically able to ride can learn how to harness (similar to ‘tacking up’ a full-size horse) a miniature horse and even if assistance is needed, can move into the small carts that are pulled by the miniatures. Our carts hold 2 people, so staff can drive while the senior learns the skills needed to take the reins. What an experience!

We are here to help our clients have richer, fuller, happier and healthier lives. We work with children as young as 4 years of age, teens, adults and yes, even seniors. If you know someone who is struggling, seek help. We would be happy to show you around the ranch, introduce our incredible herd, learn more about what you are dealing with and to share how we might be able to help. Call or email us to schedule a visit.

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