Sometimes We Just Want to Know How to Help

When friends and loved ones are struggling with anxiety we are often at a loss as to what we can do to help. We want to be there for them, but my fear that we will say or do the wrong thing.

This great blog article by John D. Moore, Ph.D., on PsychCentral’s website offers some great tips!

The first tip is to be patient. This can be so hard, when the person may not seem to be making any sense, but in their minds the situation may be fraught with fear, so just be there. Be kind.

The article suggest that you even ask ‘What do you think might help? How can I help you?’ It may be that they need you to just sit with them, or maybe a walk in nature would help, but they will have a better idea than you will guessing.

Another tip is to seek expert help. There are many great interventions available for those struggling with anxiety and lots of referral sources. I have found this Psychology Today website helpful for finding therapists in Nevada, but there are lost of other resources available as well.

Equine Assisted Therapy can be a very powerful intervention for those dealing with anxiety. At Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy, our staff of Qualified Mental Health Associate and wonderful therapy horses work with each client on an individual basis. We start where they are. Maybe they are fearful of horses. We explain how this is actually pretty smart ‘They are big and powerful, so it is important that you learn to be safe around them. That’s why I’m here’. The act of bushing a horse can be very soothing and learning to lead them can be very empowering and boosts confidence. Besides, they are awe-inspiringly beautiful! We start on the ground and move at the client’s pace. There are no expectations, except that we address the client’s issues and that they get what they need from each session.

If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety, give us a call of send us an email. We will schedule a time for you to visit the ranch. We will show you around, introduce you our equine partners – the horses – learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help.


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