Happy Holidays (Not Always)

Living with ‘special needs’ children and teens offers daily challenges but, after time, you figure out what you have to do to make things work.  Who cares if they have hotdogs for breakfast, always wears a blue shirt or can’t sit at the table for more than about 5 min.? You have figured out how to work around it and everyone gets along.

But we all know that in public or with people who don’t know our kiddos it can be challenging and it is easy to be embarrassed by their behavior when others start to be critical. This article from ADDITUDE Inside the the ADHD mind offers some great tips for dealing with these situations!  I would like to add trying to stay toyour daily routines as much as possible.  Structure helps kids and teens with special needs feel safe. The bottom line is do what works for you and your kids. Other people just need to deal with it!

One of the things we do at N.E.A.T. is help our clients (your kids and teens) learn to adjust to change and help them learn to problem solve when things do not go as they expect. This can help prepare them for all the day-to-day challenges they will face.

We are here for you. Call or email and we will schedule a time for you to visit the ranch. We will show you around, introduce our heard of wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU!

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