Why Teens Benefit From Work With Horses

Teens can struggle with so much. On one hand, they may crave the comfort and safety they felt when they were younger, but on the other hand, they are genetically programed to pull away and to become their own person. This can lead to all kinds of challenges. If we add to this any kind of trauma or additional stress, it is not surprising that many teens fit the definition of ‘at-risk’.

In this Colorado State University article, the focus is on what the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy are for at-risk-youth. It provides a nice description of what equine assisted therapy looks like and discusses the benefits of this type of work.

Look, we have all seen how resistant teens can be to most ‘interventions’. However, the magic of horses can be incredibly powerful.

We see it all the time. Improved self-confidence. The ability to set safe and appropriate boundaries for themselves and others. Better problem solving skills. Improved emotional regulation and so much more. The unconditional acceptance and non-judgemental interactions with horses really appeals to teens, who often feel that everything they do is judged and that only if they meet certain standards will they be accepted.

If you know a teen that is struggling, we are here. Call or email us and we will schedule a time for you to visit the ranch. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help.

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