Equine Therapy Reaches Across Generations

The work we do with horses offers so many benefits. Whether it is with children, teens, adults or seniors, horse can make a difference. In this Horse & Rider article, some of the benefits for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as for their caregivers is explored.

We know that there are both physical and emotional benefits to working with horses. Getting up, getting out and moving around, whether leading, grooming or riding, can be great exercise! A client may have fond memories of a time when they were younger and had horses in their lives. Being able to build a bond with a horse while working in a non-judgemental, supportive environment is enriching and, having something new to look forward to and talk about can be exciting.

Some seniors may still have the physical ability to ride. We can do that! They will lead, groom, help with tack-up and ride. This may be a simple walk around the arena, but as always, the work we do is based on the client’s needs and abilities.

The good news is, we offer options! If someone is no longer physically able to ride, they can learn to drive! From a wheelchair or walker, a client can get to know our miniature horse, Dillon. Dillon knows his stuff so, as long as a client is able to maneuver themselves into the cart, the world of driving is open to them! This work begins in the arena, but we have a lovely trail around the property that makes this a truly memorable experience.

We would be happy to share more with you about how we can enrich the life of a senior, both physically and emotional. Call or email and we can schedule a visit to the ranch.

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