Another relatively slow news day…

So thought I would share a piece I wrote on N.E.A.T. working as part of a team…

Recently we participated in an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for one of our clients. This is a child that we have a good relationship with and his primary caregiver asked us to participate.  The teachers and administrators were open and welcoming. They were excited about us all working as a team and valued our input.

Below are the main issues raised at the meeting and the goals for equine therapy that we developed to address these issues.

1)      In general client has a problem with periodic impulsivity and lack of focus, due to his
ADHD/ADD and PTSD, not necessarily conscious bad behavior.  A primary equine session goal will be work on focus, attention and being still while working with his horse.

2)     It was shared that client was relatively unstable early last year, talking about self harm. However client showed improvement by late summer. Through work with horses we will work on self-esteem and positive self comments.

3)     Though teachers report client is doing well in math, he has declined in his reading. Will incorporate reading activities (i.e., flash cards and horse themed games) into equine sessions.

4)     Client has almost daily mini-melt downs often associated w/some frustration. Through work with horses we will present healthy ways to overcome his frustrations and focus on building client’s confidence and problem solving skills.

5)     We will help client self-regulate his emotions better by establishing an appropriate relationship w/his horse that will include proper & respectful communication – including voice levels – and appropriate personal boundaries for himself and with others.

6)     Additionally client will work on sharing his feelings in appropriate ways while working w/the horse – managing any angry or frustrated feelings in a healthy manner.

It was also decided that client will be given a “friendship” bracelet, that includes horse hair, that he can use as a self calming device when he is feeling anxious or agitated.

In closing, I want to say that we are eager to work as a team with other professionals to provide cohesive and consistent interventions to help our clients achieve their goals.


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