PDD NOS – What does that mean?

Your child just seems “different”. Though his “isms” don’t get in the way often, something just does not seem right. You may be looking at Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) I think this short piece provides good information.

Equine Therapy is a great part of a comprehensive intervention plan. Our work is structured, we provide sensory integration, look at behaviors from a functional point of view and most clients are very excited about being with the horses – it’s fun!

We would love to show you the ranch, introduce you to our horses and share more about our program with you. Call us to schedule a visit!

Individualized supports and services for students and families
● Comprehensible/structured learning environments
● Specialized curriculum content
● Systematic instruction
● Functional approach to problem behavior
● Family involvement
● Instruction should always include highly individualized 3 key elements:
a. functional communication system
b. sensory needs
c. interests (motivation)
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