Eating disorders are not simply a crisis for young people

We are susceptible at any age. This article talks about woman in there 50’s and 60’s being newly diagnosed. We must all be aware and seek help for ourselves and those we love if  at anytime we feel that the situation is out of control.

We are proud of our relationship with Center for Hope of the Sierras. Each week we meet with a small group, and through our work with horses address goals such as strengthening personal boundaries, building self-esteem and developing appropriate relationship skills. The group learns about horses from the ground up, including: horse & herd behavior, grooming and care, leading and ground work and when appropriate even mounted work. Several of the clients have actually enjoyed a trail ride at beautiful Bartley Ranch.

We invite you to call and schedule a visit. We will give you a tour of the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful horses and share more with you about how our program works.

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