The fight goes on!

Though many states have mandated that insurance carriers cover treatment for kids with autism, the fight continues. This article talks about how CIGNA is attempting to avoid covering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a therapy that has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of autism. If you have CIGNA as your insurance carrier, whether you have a child with autism or not, we urge you to call them and let them know that you support coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis for children with autism.

We utilize many ABA principals in our work with children on the autism spectrum. We have a Licensed, Board Certified Applied Behavior Analyst that we work with who helps us in setting goals and objectives for our children and teens with ASD. Our goals are client specific and might include increasing verbalization, decreasing impulsivity or learning to identify colors. All of these are things we can achieve through work with horses!

Call us today to schedule a visit to the ranch. We will show you around, introduce you to our wonderful horses and share more with you about how our program works. We look forward to meeting you!

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