Why our Equine Partners are so dear to us…

As many of you know, our National Show Horse Mare, Mystic Commandres is at the veterinarian’s, Dr. Tyler Brady, to be bred. Since horses are herd animals, Mystic would have been very unhappy to be all by herself, so we took along her buddy Baxter.

Yesterday, one of our clients who usually works with Baxter, came to the ranch for a session. Even though we had prepared him for Baxter’s absence, the first words out of his mouth were, “Is Baxter here?” I patiently explained that Baxter was with Mystic, keeping her company, while she works on making a baby, “He’ll probably be back next week though, and you get to work with Kody today!” My little guy was ok with this, but throughout his session he made comparisons, “Does Kody trot as fast as Baxter? Is Kody as tall as Baxter?” Finally, this little guy says, “I miss Baxter. Do you miss him?” I admitted to my little buddy that I miss both horses. It’s true! For many years now I see all the horses everyday, even if it is just to spend time with them while I’m feeding and cleaning, it is rare not to have a moment to cherish their presence. So, yeah, I do miss them, even though I know they will be back in about a week.  But what really strikes me is how bonded our young client is to the great big (16.3 hands and then some) Thoroughbred gelding he works with. And ya know, Baxter takes such good care of all the kids that work with him. He is truly a gentle giant and we will all be glad when he and Mystic return from their adventure!

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