The continuing battle for Autism care

This is a pretty good article in the Los Angeles Times that addresses the ongoing battle with insurance carriers. There are so many effective “treatments” that many in the medical community/insurance industry continue to buck against. They remain wedded to what they know AND what THEY can get paid for/have to pay out for. This leaves many people who do the hard work of researching new and creative ways of treating a myriad of conditions fighting the medical establishment and paying out of pocket.

We support the fight of our California neighbors, encouraging them to keep pushing for a treatment that we believe is very effective.  We partner with a licensed, board certified Behavior Analyst in our work with children on the spectrum and have found ABA to be extremely helpful in teaching skills as well as in changing behaviors.

We would love to have you come out to the ranch, take a tour, meet our wonderful horses, and learn more about how our program works. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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