Understanding how horses “feel”

We know what National Geographic is now reporting; there is more to the horse/human bond than meets the eye.

We saw WAR HORSE today. Though much of it was very tough to watch, it was a fabulous movie and we would recommend it for older children on up.  

We have personally experienced the bond that is referred to in the article and depicted in the movie. We have seen the pleasure our horses feel when they are interacting with a favorite human.  We cherish this relationship and encourage our client to dive in, commit and build a mutually trusting, respectful and yes even
loving relationship with “their” horse.

We invite you to come out and experience that magic of horses. We will show you around the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful equine partners (the horses) and

share more about how our horses work with us to foster emotional, social and behavioral growth and learning. Call us today to schedule a visit.


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