How do we define success?

We have a young boy in foster care that we have been working with since mid Nov. of last year. This little guy has really struggled and had some major changes since he started with us. School has been especially challenging, with many more “red” than “green” days. Last week we implemented a new “get tough” policy, telling him that “red” days mean no riding, “you can still groom your horse and spend time with her, but you won’t get to ride.” When he came for his last session he admitted that he had 2 “red” days and agreed this meant no riding. His foster dad questioned this, “I think he may have to many restrictions on him.” We shared that my feeling is, “we have not expected much from him and that’s exactly what we are getting. We think it’s time we expect more.” Today this sweet, kind, gentle little boy (with a temper like Godzilla) showed up and announced that he had 3 GREEN DAYS IN A ROW! Those of you who know me will not be surprised to hear that I was in tears as I hugged him and told him how proud we are of him. He has promised to work hard today and tomorrow and if he has green days, he will be the first client allowed to sit up on Mika. He’s pretty excited

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