When Childhood Anger is out of hand

We all get angry sometimes. It’s normal. But sometimes it’s not. As a parent, it can be frightening to see your child loose control. Sometimes we can’t even tell what has set them off and trying to find a path back to sanity may be challenging. But, there is help available.

I thought this was an interesting article about addressing anger disorders in children.  

In our work with horses we can address improving anger management and coping skills as well as helping our clients learn and practice age appropriate and effective ways of expressing anger and frustration. We can help our clients learn self soothing techniques to help them when they are feeling overwhelmed. I have personally experienced this with a client…

Ruby ( a wonderful American Bashkir Curly Horse) and I work with a little angle who has had such a hard time…He hasn’t had a good day at school since before spring break. When he shared that he had another bad day, I asked him if he had been using his ‘memories’ of one incredible riding day he had to help him when he is feeling ‘out of control’? Client shared that he had not, so we decided to practice a little…”remember the day when you were  riding Ruby with your eyes closed,you called it “peaceful”? And remember when you said that Ruby smelled “toasty” and how her coat felt under you fingers? And how about the way the sun felt on your back that day? And the sound of the birds singing?  As my little buddy did this exercise I could feel him relax and his anxiety melt away…

This was about a week ago. The client has finished the school year with ALL Green (good) days…

We would be happy to have you come out and visit us. Tour the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and learn a little bit more about how our program might be able to help. Call us to schedule a visit.

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