6.10.12 Week in review

So often, when nothing “momentous” has happened, we forget that the little things we do everyday add up and may in fact be momentous for those around us.

Since I have a few moments this morning, thanks to our angle Joan, who most generously gives me a morning off, I thought I would share some of the weekly happenings…

Baxter’s abscess has required daily doctoring. There appear to be other issues going on with his other leg which has made soaking/bandaging his abscessed hoof challenging…He has helped some of our clients feel/express empathy and compassion, “oh we have to get Baxter fixed. He’s special. He’s our biggest horses and he’s one of our best horses.” ) – : Vet coming tomorrow morning.

Mystic took a young man on his first ride, restored
the confidence of a little lady who hasn’t ridden in a saddle in almost a year, challenged a gal with Center for Hope to expose her insecurities and took her dear friend Kolbie for a spin. Also helped teach problem solving skills when she got loose and had to be caught up by a client.

Kody continues to delight an adult rider by trotting her around while she squeals her delight. He taught a young man that there is much more to riding a horse than being able to ask them to go, and though he can be a real punk about it (and was for one client) did a lovely canter on the lunge line for a young boy who is becoming a very nice little rider.

Ruby continues to delight everyone who works with her. They love the feel of her coat and her kind and gentle manner. She took a woman in her 60’s for her first ride and showed her that she CAN do many things she was sure she could not.

Sammy is coming along nicely. He is real “eye candy” and everyone is eager to ask when they will get to ride him. He’s helping them learn patience, as I explain, “if you were learning to ride a skateboard, wouldn’t you want the person to teach you to really know how to ride a skateboard?” They get it – Sammy needs to have an experienced rider teach him how to be a riding horse. He also has demonstrated that he can be a rambunctious 4 yr old when he did several sliding stops, spins and pawed the air to make
the point that he did NOT want to canter to the right on the lunge line. It was entertaining to watch and he really did get over himself and do what he was being asked to do very nicely.

HMMMMM, it really was a very wonderful week!

We always welcome visitors, so please give us a call if you would like to know more about our program and to arrange a visit to tour the ranch and meet our wonderful horses!

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