All Men and Women are NOT Created Equal

The idea that “all men are created equal” is a load of horse manure!

From the minute we hit the air, we are a unique package of physical, cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

We can not all be successful pro-football players. We can not all be rodeo queens. We can not all be good parents. We can not all be professional race car drivers. We can not all be sanitation engineers.
We can not all be doctors, lawyers, plumbers, produce managers, truck drives, teachers, clerks (you get the idea!)

This is not to say that there is not a “seed of greatness” within each of us, but rather that our definition of greatness needs to acknowledge this uniqueness.  Greatness should be defined as taking the gifts (talents) you are given, whether through nature or nurture, and refining them, to become the very best YOU you can possibly be, even with the challenges that you deal with.

For one person this may mean staying at home to care for a family. Nurturing them and supporting them, helping them to find and appreciate their gifts while helping them to minimize their challenges. This is an admirable calling if you are truly putting your heart and soul into it.

For another person it may mean going out and fighting the battle everyday to do their job to the very best of their ability, whether it’s sweeping the parking lot at a fast food joint or working for NASA. There is no shame in any job that you do well. By always giving your best you are being the best YOU you can be, even as you work towards doing something more or different in the future.

Perhaps you have a gift of creativity – you can cook, you can paint, you can dance, you can ride a horse, you can play harmonica – yet, you don’t give this gift any of your time. You or someone else has convinced you that there is no future in this or that you just aren’t good enough. Maybe you will never be a “star” but that gift you have is worthy of your attention, even if all you do is delight others and enrich your soul.

Maybe your gifts are more analytical. You can “see” how things plug together. Math and Science (which by the way, can both be very creative!) are the things you gravitate to. What are you doing with this? Did you get discouraged or lazy because it was hard (or just easier) to get a job at a local convenience store rather than to do your homework and get the grades you needed to go further? Did life hand you some setbacks? Are you allowing yourself to be “stuck” where you are?

Our maybe your beautiful smile and simple way of looking at things inspire happiness in others.

It is never too late to make the most of your gifts. Today is a new day with limitless possibilities. You have it within you to be spectacular. It’s up to you. No, we are not created equal. But, ignore those who would judge you as compared to anyone else. You are the only person you need to measure up to. Be the best YOU you can be.

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