Tip of the Week 8/19/13

This week’s tip comes from “The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People”.

As family members scatter across the country, it becomes easy to forget to include the in your thoughts and in your time. Keep up the contact, share with your family the news of your life. They want to know, and you will feel better if your bond is maintained.

In this age of technology staying in touch is both simpler and so much more challenging! On the one hand we have all the gadgets we need to text, tweet and post to our heart’s content. On the other hand we are sadly lacking in personal interactions.

So many of our clients feel alienated from the world. They no longer trust and don’t know how to initiate and then maintain personal relationships.They are often terrified of rejection and being hurt. Horses accept us without expectations. They will allow us to relearn what trust feels like and help us find the hidden compassion in our hearts.  This is one of the many gifts that horses bring to us.

 Just the other day, after only a few sessions, an adult client I am working with said that she has a new “feeling that I belong”.  This feeling of being part of something is vital!

Studies that examine the importance of family to senior citizens as compared to adults not yet entering middle age show family relationships to be an equally crucial component of life satisfaction for both age groups.        O’Connor 1995


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