Tip of the week 8/26/13

This comes from ‘100 Simple Secrets of Happy Families’

Another View is a Strength, Not a Weakness

There is often at least one person in a family whose personality is a bit different. They see things differently and want different things out of life.  This is not a reason for concern. People with the same personality are no more likely to always get along than are people with very different personalities. There is no need to try to explain the differences, or to discourage personality differences, because different personalities are no more determinative of your family’s future than are different shoe sizes.

Wow! so many of our kids and teens, especially those on the autism spectrum, have what we call quirky behaviors. The truth is that each of us is a wonderful and unique combination of quirks. Unless the behavior is destructive or interferes with the child/teen having a happy and healthy life, why do we feel compelled to change it? All of us would be happier if we allow our kids/teens to express themselves in their own unique way. Yes, we need to deal with behaviors that limit them, but we must be careful not to judge to critically the child/teen who loves to talk about history and weapons or cats and ‘Animae’. Perhaps we can use these interests as a starting point to help our children/teens find a life’s calling. Who can say? Horses certainly don’t care! They accept the  quirkiest among us with a kind and gentle spirit.

Neither material satisfaction nor family cohesiveness ca be predicted by assessing the similarity of personalities within the group………Zimet 2002


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