Tip of The Week 9/16/13

I’m a little behind with this post, as we are preparing for our open house this weekend AND we had a horse colic yesterday. The good news is that he is much better and we are getting everything caught up.

This week’s quote comes from ‘The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People’


You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone else’s movie.

Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you.

We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.

Many of the clients we work with come from foster care or have been adopted out of foster care. They have been neglected,
abused and at times abandond by birth parents who either chose not to or were incapable of caring for them.  These children and teens often lack any sense of selfworth and struggle with trying to find out who they are supposed to be. Through work with horses they can discover that they are kind, that they are leaders, that they are capable of accomplishing all kinds of wonderful things. This is one of the many gifts that horses have to give.

Studies of older Americans find that one of the best indicators of happiness is whether a person considers his or her life to have a purpose. Without a clearly defined purpose, seven in ten individuals feel unsettled about their lives; with a purpose, almost seven in ten feel satisfied.                                                              Lepper 1996




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