Tip of the Week 9/23/13

Got a little behind again, but here is this week’s Tip of the Week, from The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy Families


Family is more than a source of life and love, it is a starting point for our ideas, beliefs, habits, and personality. Providing a healthy family life is like providing a healthy meal; it satisfies a basic requirement of life and helps make everything else possible.

Sadly, many, many of us do not get the loving, healthy family life that makes all things possible. So many of our clients come from neglectful and abusive families; families where substance abuse ruled the day and they got what was left over. This devastation affects everything from self-esteem to our vision of what the future can be.

In our work with horses, whether it’s with children, teens or adults, we are usually helping our clients overcome some past pain that is limiting who they can become. Horses accept us unconditionally, often the first step towards discovering/rediscovering self worth.

And the good news is, once we value ourselves we are able to attract and invite into our lives a new “Family” that can love and nurture us in the ways we deserve!

If you or someone you know is paying the price of not getting what they needed from the family they were born into, we would love to show you how horses can help with the healing and growth needed to move on. Call or e-mail to schedule a visit.

Children whose families meet thier needs are more likely to feel healthy, satisfied with their life, good about themselves, and confident in their abilities to achieve.  Shek 2002


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