Even kids on the autism spectum need responsibilities

We know that even with neuro-typical kids it is often easier just to do things yourself, like take caring of a pet, rather than take the time to help your kids learn to do it or to get them to do it.

This can be even more challenging when you are working with a child on the spectrum. But the truth is, we all have responsibilities and the sooner kids come to understand this the easier their lives will be.

I really like what Grace Clark has to say in her article ‘Autism No Excuse For Not Learning Responsibility,’ http://www.courant.com/features/parenting/mommy-minute/ctn-autism-no-excuse-for-not-learning-responsibility-20140110,0,7902866.story especially when she talks about ‘chore charts’.

In our work with kids on the sepcturm they learn that before they can ride their horse, they need to groom and tack-up. And then when you are done riding there are things you have to do as well. We untack, brush the horse, put him in his stall or the turn out and then put our gear away. Taking responsibility for these ‘chores’ is all part of getting to interact with the horses, so kids are more willing to do them. However, the lesson that there are things we have to do before and after we do things that are fun can easily be carried over into the rest of a child’s life.

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