New information about teen depression

Teen depression is a serious condition that can be life-threatening.

We know that there are many reasons that teens may find themselves feeling ‘depressed’. There is increased pressure to perform. They are looking at having to make major decisions about their lives. The social scene can be confusing and sometimes brutal. They are more concious of themselves and precieved shortcomings. They are more aware of the personal relationships around them. Their bodies are changing…should I go on?

But now there is new evidence that shows that
mild brain injuries can increase depression as well. Though scientists don’t know why, this article,
talks about the findings.

It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek help if you know a teen living with depression. Often work with horses can be helpful. In a non-confrontational and supportive environment many teens are able to talk about and deal with the things that are causing them to be depressed. We would be happy to meet
with you, introduce you to the horses and learn more about how we might be able to help. Call us or e-mail us to schedule a visit.


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