Study sheds light on Autism

If you live or work with kids or teens on the autism spectrum, you may deal with the fact that communication issues and may find it difficult to bond with others.

This new study conducted at Vanderbilt University and presented in The Journal of Neuroscience, sheds new light on these problems. Researchers have found that in many people on the spectrum life goes by like a badly dubbed movie – things are not synced up, so it is difficult to connect sounds and what is going on. Though this is not new information, the importance of this information being connected when being processed by the brain is just now coming to light.

Though our work with horses address social, emotional and behavioral issues, the motion of a horse walking has been shown to open neural pathways and to stimulate communication centers in the brain. We have personally seen growth in vocabulary and improved communication as well as positive changes in behavior.

If you live with or know a child or teen on the specturm, we would love to have you come out for a visit. We will show you around, introduce you to our wonderful horses, learn more about your challenges and share with you how we might be able to help. call or email to schedule a tour.


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