Appreciating the challenges of Adoption

Raising children will always be challenging, but there additional issues you will face if you take on raising an adopted child. It is rare that a child that has been placed for adoption has not experienced some negative event in their lives. This is even true of an infant.

Here is a nice article that gives some good tips on dealint with the special challenges of raising adopted kids.

Many of the children and teens we work with have been adopted. We have so much respect for the men and women who, out of love, choose to adopt a child. We support you and are here to help you with the challenges you face.

Through work with horses adopted kids and teens are able to address many of the challenges they face in a non-judgmental and creative way. Self confidence grows as you learn about being a leader for a 1000 lb. partner (your horse). Appropriate boundaries are set as you learn to say ‘this is my space’ to that same 1000 lb horse who all of a sudden thinks he’s a pocket pony! Understanding how trust comes from being firm, fair and consistant in our communication and actions is another valuable lesson we learn through work with horses…and my list could go on.

If you are an adoptive parent and are having some challenges, or know someone who is, we would love to show you around our program. We will introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about the issues you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.

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