College should be a time of Excitement

Friends 2You would think that the college years would be a time for exploring the myriad of options available and a time to relish fewer rules and enjoy a new sense of freedom. However, research shows that for many young people this is not the case.

What with the pressure to do well, and our tough economic situation, research now shows that 80 percent of college students frequently suffer daily stress. For many juggling school and a job, Stressas well as new and more complicated interpersonal relationships can be overwhelming. Many will deal with this stress in a healthy way, making the grades while maintaining a happy balance in their lives. But for some this daily stress becomes a bigger problem and alternative strategies and interventions need to be considered. 

Most college campuses offer a variety of counseling options and Equine Assisted Therapy can be a very powerful option! Work with horses can help young people develop and implement better coping skills for dealing with stress and frustration. P1040991Work with horses is a great way to build/improve self confidence and help someone hone leadership skills. And besides, working with horses is FUN!

Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy is P1050234conveniently located at the UNR Equestrian Center. We see clients Tuesday through Saturday. We would be happy show you around, introduce you to our wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.

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