Tip of the week 2.25.14

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime TogetherRegardless of the effort people put into their family life, some are confident it will work out well while others fear it will work out poorly. Let yourself see the good side of the what you are doing and what is happening with your family. Family life is not a test, so there is no reason to worry away your time thinking of the results.

I know many of us worry about Work life balance conceptwhether we are doing enough for our families or if what we are doing is good enough. In what we do, some things will go wrong, and some will go right. If you are doing the best that you can and, if your intentions are good, things most likely will turn out alright. We can not worry away the joy of today by worrying about whether you are doing the right things.

First Kiss-GinaLijoiThank goodness horses don’t hold us accountable for every misstep we take! We have bad days and are in a hurry. Or maybe we get stuck on doing something ‘just so’ and miss the opportunity to learn something other than what we are focused on. Or maybe we forget to have fun! But our horses don’t hold that against us. Each time we interact with them they give us the chance to start over. Unless they have been very badly treated, and have become fearful, horse don’t hold grudges. This non-judgemental acceptance is an important part of the work we do. Our clients find that who they are in the rest of their lives doesn’t matter to their horse. They too can start over with a clean slate and build the relationship they want with their horse.

We are happy to schedule a visit to our ranch for anyone who would like to know more about what we do. Call or email. We will show you around and introduce you to our wonderful herd!

People with confidence in themselves are 62% more likely to be confident that their family will function well in the future regardless of the difficulties they may encounter.                                                                                     Vasequez, Durik, and Hyde 2002

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