Cause and Affect?

energy-drinksMore interesting research this time find a link between ‘energy drinks’ and mental health/addiction issues in teens.

The study does say that they are not sure what the link is. I would propose that the link is actually the reverse – teens with mental health/addiction issues are more likely to be looking for the ‘pick me up’ of an energy drink. teen-bedtime-photo1These teens may have sleep issues, staying up late, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep. They may be feeling emotionally exhausted from dealing with the anxiety/depression. They may be looking for anything that will make them feel better or take away the emotional pain.

So, I’m not entirely sure what the findings of this research means, but we work with teens who are dealing with mental health issues. Through work with horses our clients may learn Girl tacking upand practice self-soothing skills that will help them with sleep issues. They may work on feeling more self-confident, which can lead to feeling less depressed. Through work with horses we can help many people develop strategies for dealing with anxiety. Horses offer a powerful opportunity for healing, growth and learning.

If you have a teen who appears to be struggling with social, emotional or behavioral issues, call or email us to schedule a visit. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about the challenges you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help.

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