Shaming and blaming are not the answer!

doctor_2505472cWe all know that if we had a physical health issue, those around us would be sympathetic and supportive. They would encourage us to seek help and, if they were close to us, would probably do all they could to champion for a cure. They would encourage us to see specialists and to try any treatment that might be helpful.

Unfortunately, this is not usually the case for those struggling with a mental health issue. Though those closest to us might be supportive, they just as likely would minimize and try to dismiss the issuesAnxiet-people we were dealing with. They might say things like ‘settle down’ or ‘snap out of it’ and wonder why we can’t ‘just be happy’ or ‘sit still’ or ‘tune out’ the things that bother us.

This Huffington Post article points out that to treat people with mental health issues differently than those struggling with physical health issues is just plain old discrimination! As a society we need to take a hard Stresslook at how we view mental health issues. Until we are ready to recognize that having a mental illness is NEVER a choice and retraining ourselves to be compassionate and understand, we will continue to have serious problems, such as an alarmingly high rate of teen suicides and thousands of homeless people living on our streets. Because folks, they are related. homeless1_t614However, if we treat ALL illness as something that can be treated and not something that should be ‘shamed’ we can make a difference!

At Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy we work with children as young as 4, teens, adults and even seniors. We offer social, B & R  lding 3 for the internetemotional and behavioral growth and learning, as well as Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, a mental health intervention, through work with horses. We are here to promote health and healing. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue seek help. We would beDaniel riding 11 happy to show you around our ranch, introduce our horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help. Call or email to schedule a visit.

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