We have to be so careful what we expose our children to!

2959807121_d6315cfd1bToday there are so many external forces that can strongly influence our lives. Media, technology, peer pressure and our desire to fit in and meet societal expectations can all cause real damage. And so much of this is subtle, that we may not even realize that we are buying into or passing it on to others. We have to be especially mindful of the messages/examples we are setting for young girls.Looking for comfort 2hey are extremely vulnerable and there is new evidence that they are in grave danger. This article addresses the alarming increase in eating disorders in very young girls.

Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy is very proud of the work that we do in partnership with the Center For Hope of the Sierras. 946699_10151482839582877_808215778_nTwice a week we meet with a small group from that center to share the healing power of horses. We work on improving communication, the ability to set appropriate boundaries, build self-confidence and being present and in the moment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder please seek help.


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