These Can Be Trying Times For Many Children

Kids today seem to have more demands on them than ever. Parents are almost always working outside the home at least part of the time. Kids have to get up early and often feel rushed. Classrooms are crowded and resources are limited, so many kids don’t get the help they need to feel successful. They may have to spend time alone at the end of the day waiting for parents to return, or spend time in a ‘after school program’ that may not be well supervised or particularly engaging. They can feel rushed when they get home, with dinner, homework, a shower and bed rushing at them, leaving little down-time to just be a kid. And of course this is only a small part of what a child may have to deal with.

Some kids are more resilient than others and are able to bounce along without too much trouble. But for other kids, life becomes just too challenging and they start to struggle. As this US News & World Report article shares, there are many signs that can tell us when our children are having a hard time and are beginning to be overwhelmed by their lives.

I like this article because not only does it give some really good information about what to look for, but it also provides some very helpful things that parents/caregivers can do to help. Another option is to seek professional help. There are many types of therapeutic interventions that can help children (and others!) dealing with anxiety.

Equine Therapy can be a powerful tool in overcoming anxiety. Our clients work one-on-one with a Qualified Mental Health Professional addressing their specific issues and goals. We help clients recognize when they are feeling anxious and provide them with skills/tools for working through challenging situations. Additionally, as their confidence grows and they see themselves as good leaders, able to make good decisions and solve problems, they are less likely to succumb to feeling overwhelmed in challenging situations. Besides hanging out with horses is fun!

If your child (or someone you know) is struggling with anxiety we are here for you. Call or email us and we will schedule a visit. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help. We look forward to meeting you!

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