A New Look At Autism

For many years the focus in any discussion of autism has been about causes and ‘cures’. However, more recently, as strong case has been made that this approach actually isolates and stigmatizes people on the spectrum. Obviously and most especially when symptoms are most severe, living with autism can be challenging. But there are many who now are supporting the position that autism is a ‘brain variation worthy of celebration’. As a matter of fact, even Temple Grandin, an advocate for autism awareness has stated that our world would be a much less creative place of not for the many highly gifted people on the spectrum who have contributed so much to our way of life.

This very interesting article from GoodTherapy.org we learn why many people are now turning toward ‘Autism Acceptance’ rather than asking for simple awareness.

No matter where you stand on this issue, I think we can agree that helping people attain their highest potential is a worthy goal.  Some hard research has been done, and there is much anecdotal evidence available supporting Equine Therapy as a powerful intervention for those on the spectrum.

We have worked with children, teens and even adults on the spectrum and our personal experience has been that they increase focus, decrease impulsivity, become more in tune with others and the world around them, while developing better body strength and improving communication skills.

If you know someone on the autism spectrum who is struggling, we may be able to help. Call or email and we will schedule a visit for you. We will show you around, introduce our horses, meet your child/teen/adult, learn more about the challenges they face and share with you how we may be able to help.

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