Changing Things Up May Help Your Teen

New research is showing that the way we have always done something may just not be the best way! Many of our schools have become set in their ways and may be resistant to offering options for kids who are struggling. IEPs and 504 plans may not be needed, but some allowances for individual differences can be helpful.

This USAToday article talks about how “As teenagers enter puberty, their biological programming for sleep shifts later, the statement notes, causing a clash with early start times that results in sleep depravation”. And you thought it was just that YOUR TEENAGER was being lazy or not going to bed early enough!!  The truth is that there are physical changes that can make an early morning class a nightmare for your teen. Frankly, if the school offers options, such as an ‘off campus’ period that you can take advantage of, you may be saving yourself and your teen a lot of grief. We have found that advocating for your teen can be difficult, but the rewards can be great. No more morning battles with an unhappy (at best!) teen. They may in fact be grateful that you have supported them (rather than blaming them!) and helped them to a healthier and happier solution.

If you teen continues to struggle with depression or other mental health issues, seek help. Work with horses can be a powerful intervention and we are always here, as a part of your team, to help support you in advocating for what is best for your particular situation. Call or email to schedule a visit, meet the horses and learn more about what we do and how it may help.

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