Some Additional Help for Those With ADHD

Dealing with ADHD can be challenging. Medications can be helpful, but they certainly aren’t the only answer. In this USNEW report, author Jennifer Lea Reynolds offers many other strategies that may be helpful.

I’m pleased to share that many of her suggestions are things that are a part of the work we do at Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy! Though we are NOT occupational therapists, it is safe to say that our clients experience a variety of sensory stimulations, from the smell of the horse to the feel of their coat while we are grooming, these may all be new to a client and can  ‘create calming feelings’.

The ‘Rhythmic Movement‘ pieces is easy! From grooming to riding, our clients experience a variety of soothing movements that help bring their energy down.

And I would say that the we have the ‘Hands on Activities‘ nailed! Our clients halter, lead, groom, help with tack up and ride during most sessions. They are encouraged to stay focused and on task so that they can accomplish their goals, whether they are simply to get up on their horse and ride, or to ride an obstacle course unassisted. Each client is encouraged to be present and in the moment (mindfulness!) with their horse.

If you know someone struggling with ADHD, work with horses may be a powerful intervention! Call or email us and we will schedule a visit for you. Come on out to the ranch, take a tour, meet the horses and learn more about how we may be able to help.

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