What Lies Ahead for Those on the Spectrum

It is a wonderful thing that we now have so many great interventions for kids on the spectrum. We have learned a lot and now at a very early age, kids on the autism spectrum are receiving lots of services that can help them move towards integration into more neuro-typical situations.

Even in our schools we are seeing more acceptance and accommodations being made that allow kids and teens on the spectrum to be successful. Even some colleges are now offering special programs so that people facing challenges can continue higher level education.

However, at some point, these ‘kids’ become adults and we are still really struggling to figure out where they will fit in. This Huffington Post ‘Opinion’ piece shares one mother’s struggle to help her son find a life that will support him as he becomes a more independent adult. The truth is, we need to make a sure that people who are capable of contributing and are probably happiest when they feel like they are accepted and part of the world around them have options! There are some and I encourage you to check out what your community has to offer and share it here in the comments section. I am proud to say that locally, Starbucks offers a wonderful training program that allows those with challenges to find a place with the Starbucks family.

Yes, Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy works with children as young as 4, teens and even adults on the autism spectrum. Through work with horses, we build social cue awareness, self-soothing/calming skill and increase self confidence (among other things!) All skills that will help them throughout their lives. We are here to be a part of a comprehensive treatment team. Call or email us and we will schedule a visit for you to the ranch. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful herd, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help.

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