Anxiety and Friendship

Anxiety can cascade into so many different areas of someone’s life. Yes, people may feel anxious about all kinds of things and this anxiety may keep them from doing things, even things that they may enjoy. But it can be even more complicated. When someone stops doing the things they usually do, they may also cut themselves off from friends and family. This can cause the person who is struggling to feel like they are letting others down and even lead to the added burden of depression.

In this The Mighty blog, author Juliette Verzi talks about how anxiety can cause someone to do things that may seem impolite or rude. The person struggling is not unaware of their behavior and can end up feeling like they are a ‘bad friend’. She invited people who follow her blog to share their experiences and stresses that ‘True Friends’ will understand and stick with you.

I have to say, I am currently working with a client that struggles in this area. She fears the rejection that may result from her lack of engagement, so at times she is the ‘first mover,’ pushing away family and friends. This makes her feel sad and more and more isolated. We are working on her being more open and honest about what she is feeling, especially when it comes to her family. She is reminded that she would not lash out at her horse ‘You wouldn’t treat Sammy that way’ even if she was feeling anxious about something. She is learning and practicing self-soothing/calming skills that she can use when she does feel anxious. She is a very sensitive young lady and we will continue, with the help of her horse, Sammy, who she adores, to work through this.

Anxiety can be debilitating. Don’t let it steal your love of life. Seek help. We are here to be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We would be happy to schedule a visit for you to the ranch. We show you around, introduce our incredible herd, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we may be able to help. Call or email us today.

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