A Closer Look at Anxiety

As I have shared before, most of us experience some anxiety in our lives. We get anxious when we are running late, or maybe when we have a big project/assignment due. We might have some anxiety when we have an unexpected expense that impacts our budget. Or perhaps we are trying something new and, though we are excited, we are also a bit anxious. Anxiety can impact young and old alike. Some anxiety is reasonable and normal but there can be a darker and more troubling side to anxiety.

This article in Medical News Today provides lots of great information about everything from types of anxiety issues to ways to help prevent anxiety.

Work with horses can be a powerful intervention for those dealing with anxiety. The article talks about relaxation techniques, replacing negative thoughts with positive and getting exercise. Our clients learn and practice self-soothing/calming skills, such as deep breathing and visualization. The process of grooming their horse can be a soothing time of gentle repetitive motions. We encourage them, in times of stress or anxiety, to remember how it feels when they are with their horses and may even give them a picture of their horse to carry with them. Additionally, our clients get gentle exercise while leading, grooming and riding their horse.  And of course this does not even touch on the ‘therapeutic’ parts of the intervention.

I love the articles ‘Takeaway’ – “Anxiety itself is not a medical condition but a natural emotion that is vital for survival when an individual finds themselves facing danger” and this is part of the message we share with our clients. Being anxious or worried may be justified. What is important is how you deal with these feelings.

If you or someone you know struggles with life limiting anxiety, seek help. We are here to be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Call or email us and we can schedule a time for you to visit the ranch. We will show you around, introduce our wonderful horses, learn more about what you are dealing with and share with you how we may be able to help.


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