Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation Will Help Children and Teens

Through a partnership with the For Kids Foundation, you can now make TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS to a N.E.A.T. Scholarship fund!

To donate, you can mail a check to: 834 Willow St, Reno, NV 89502 and put N.E.A.T. in the ‘for’ space on the check OR you can simply go to their website (, or their Facebook page ( )and click on the ‘Donation’ button in the upper right hand corner and click in the box on the lower right side that indicates your donation is intended for N.E.A.T’s scholarship fund.

Your donation will help children and teens in Northern Nevada dealing with social, emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, find a path to a happier and healthier life through work with horses.

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION will help kids and teens like ‘Derek.’  Derek’s mom had a gambling addiction. By the time it was discovered the family had lost their home. Mom was unable to face what she had done and abandoned her family. Derek’s dad has managed to hold things together, but Derek and his younger sister have had a rough time. As kids often do, Derek wonders if it was something he did…Derek is withdrawn, has few friends and really does not enjoy much. He is a smart kid, but you wouldn’t know if from his grades. But Derek has always loved animals and he has responded well to his work with horses. He has picked the biggest horse in our herd and is starting to really connect with ‘his horse’. He is smiling again and his teachers report that he is always happy to tell the other kids about his horse. The healing has begun.


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