Asperger’s website talks about 3 types of thinkers

This looks like a really great website for all things Asperger’s. This particular blog explores Temple Grandin’s “3 types of thinkers – visual, music/math and verbal” and shares why awareness can be helpful.

In our work with horses we utilize many ways of presenting information – we visually demonstrate, pointing, physically leading the way, moving our bodies and at times moving the client’s arms or legs to explain what their bodies are supposed to be doing…We use music/math by having the horses wear “rhythm beads” that jingle with each step the horse takes, by counting the steps between ground poles, by including “are you ready? 1…2…3….let’s trot!” or by introducing music while riding and we always give verbal directions to back up what we are doing, from instructing a client to “brush your horse,” to “reach for the sky” when doing our warm up stretches, clients receive lots of verbal input about what we are doing.

Our work with children and teens on the spectrum is so rewarding! We would love to show you around the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful horses and learn more about your child. Call us to schedule a visit!

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